Michel Bezzina

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Michel Bezzina, an artist of Franco-Maltese origin was born in Tunis in 1951. It was here that he spent his first seven years, under the light of the African sky, the same light that was to influence his future artistic expression At just 5 years of age, his vocation chose him, and one day in his nursery school he declared 'One day I will be an artist'. This childhood dream never left him, and in fact became his destiny.
Following his secondary studies in Grenoble, he returned to Paris where he succeeded in the entrance examination for the "école nationale supérieure des beaux-arts de Paris". It was during this time that he met internationally renowned artists such as Debré, Etienne, Martin and Cesar, but his true inspiration was to be fueled by Nicholas Walker, an alchemist who applied his knowledge to the blending of oil paints - and from this Michel built his own individual mastery of oil glaze technique. He earned his diploma after several years of study and then began his life as an artist, establishing both his own school of painting and also a gallery where he could show his individual creative style Combining his unique style and technique with his passion of dramatic wide landscapes and nature's own light he creates truly distinctive contemporary paintings that blend shadow with light and texture. In 2006, he has opened a new gallery and studio in the Swiss Village, near the Eiffel Tower, where both his paintings and his passion of art are displayed.

Video de l'artiste dans son atelier
réalisée par Frédéric Plénard (Aquitaine Video)

* Atelier Michel Bezzina
- Village Suisse - Galerie 49 - grande allée - place de Lucerne
- 78 avenue de Suffren
75015 PARIS
Tél : +33(0)143064949 - email:michebezzina@oange.fr
métro : La Motte-Picquet